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Now that you know how to use Shadow effectively, it's time to take a look at some of his gear! I have included charts of all of his shurikens, skeans, and weapons. I figured listing all of his defensive gear is excessive since a lot of it overlaps with other characters (whereas his weapons are pretty unique to him). I have also listed where to find his weapons, and what makes each one special.

Shurikens & Skeans

Shadow is the only member of your party (except Gogo) who is able to utilize the throw command -- thus he is the only one who is able to use shurikens and skeans! Take a look at them all...


The shuriken is your most basic throwing weapon. At 30 GP a pop, it's pretty cheap to stock up on a ton of these -- the most you can hold at one time is 99. Heck, why not? You can buy these at the old man's house, in Kohlingen (WoB), Albrook (WoB), and Thamasa (WoR).

Ninja Star132250
The ninja star is the next upgrade of the shuriken -- it's a bit more pricey, but at this stage of the game, you can afford to shell out a little more money for a little more attack power. You can buy these in Thamasa (WoR), steal them from Vectaur, or win them from Ninja (at the Colosseum).

Tack Star190N/A
It's a shame that there aren't more tack stars to be had in FFVI, because it sure is powerful! Sadly, you can only find them in the Zone Eater and Kefka's Tower, so save them for special battles. You can also steal them from a Reach Frog, Covert, or Hemophyte. If you're feeling daring, you can wager a Ninja Star to fight Chaos Dragon in the Colosseum.


Bolt EdgeBolt elemental500
The bolt edge is your standard, elemental skean. Toss one of these at an enemy that is weak against bolt magic, and it should do the trick. You can buy these in a number of places: Kohlingen (WoB), Jidoor (WoB), Albrook (WoB), Narshe (WoR), or Maranda (WoR).

Fire SkeanFire elemental500
Same as the bolt edge, only this baby will deliver a fire attack. You can find these at the same shops as the bolt edges: Kohlingen (WoB), Jidoor (WoB), Albrook (WoB), Narshe (WoR), or Maranda (WoR).

Water SkeanWater elemental500
Well what do you know, this is the same as the bolt edge and the fire skean, only it deal out a water attack. Sadly, these are not available in as many places as the others -- you can only find them at the cave to the sealed gate.

Inviz EdgeInvisibility200
This skean does not affect your enemy -- it affects Shadow! It essentially casts "vanish" on Shadow, thus making him invisible and able to dodge any physical attack. This is useful before you get the spell, "vanish." You can buy them from the old man's house, Kohlingen (WoB) or Maranda (WoR). You can also find them at the cave to the sealed gate.

Shadow EdgeEvasion400
If you use a shadow edge, it will "create the thrower's illusion" -- meaning Shadow will evade the next two physical attacks directed at him. This can come in handy during a boss battle with a boss who pounds you with physical attacks. You can buy these at the old man's house, or in either Jidoor (WoB) or Maranda (WoR).


Shadow doesn't just use objects he can throw, he also equips weapons (which you don't have to lose every time you use them). For the most part they're unique to him, so they're worth taking a look at.

There is no real reason why you would equip Shadow with the Dirk -- he comes initially equipped with the Imperial, which is a better weapon, so yeah.

Mithril Knife
Like the Dirk, there's no real reason to equip Shadow with the Mithril Knife... but you can if you want to.

This is the initial weapon that Shadow is equipped with. There's nothing too special about it, but unlike the Dirk and Mythril Knife, it's unique to Shadow.

Thief Knife
The Thief Knife is a pretty sweet weapon -- not only does it raise your speed and evasion and magic block percentages, but it allows Shadow to randomly steal items from the enemies. Locke is also able to equip this weapon. You can get it in Narshe, win it from Dadaluma, or steal it from a Slam Dancer.

Not every weapon can be as nifty as the Thief Knife. Once again, only Shadow can equip this weapon -- it can be bought in Jidoor (WoB).

Even though this weapon describes Shadow's job, Locke can equip it as well. It randomly dispatches an enemy, which comes in quite handy, and it also boosts a few stats (such as speed, magic, and evasion). You can get it at the Cave to the Sealed Gate or win it from Covert.

Nothing too special here -- just an increase in power. You can buy this weapon either in Albrook (WoB) or Narshe (WoR).

Defeat Gigantos (monster-in-a-box) on the Floating Continent.

Man Eater
This weapon deals out double damage to a human target. Almost everyone in your party can equip it, so it's not special to Shadow. You can find it at Daryl's Tomb, or buy it from Jidoor (WoR) or Thamasa (WoR).

Sword Breaker
Nothing too special about this sword, except it will cause the user to randomly evade an enemy's attack. You can buy it in Maranda (WoR) or steal it from a Tap Dancer.

This is an upgrade of the Assassin -- it will randomly dispatch an enemy. Only Shadow can equip it, this time. You can find it at the Cave on the Veldt (WoR) or win it from Covert.

The Graedus can be equipped by just about anyone, and it is pearl-elemental (meaning any enemy weak against pearl will get fried with this baby). You can win it from Master Pug.

This is Shadow's most powerful weapon -- not only is it strong, but it randomly casts stop. You can find it in the Tower of Fanatics.