Shadow shrine media info



The fact of the matter is that no one has ever asked me these questions, so I guess you can't say that they're frequently asked. But they're questions that I imagine you might have, so hopefully they're of some use. Also, before you contact me, please be sure to read through these to make sure that I haven't already answered your question!

the questions

Why did Alexandra make a Shadow shrine?
There is a whole section devoted to this question -- check the why page.

Why did she name it Perfect Disguise?
Here is her answer to that question: "Perfect Disguise" is the name of a song by Modest Mouse. Usually when I'm stumped for a shrine name, I browse through my iTunes until I find a song name that fits the character. I chose this name because not only is Shadow physically disguised throughout the game, but he also disguises his true character -- he is not nearly as sketchy as he pretends to be (okay so maybe he is, but it's not like he was born that way).

Will you affiliate with my site?
If you own a high-quality Final Fantasy VI site, sure.

Will you link exchange with me?
I chose not to post a links page on this site because I have one on my Sabin shrine and don't want to maintain two. If you have a related site, I'll happily link you there. If you would like to link Perfect Disguise, though, I (and I'm sure Alexandra) would be delighted.

Can I use your information and / or media on my own site?
The media is free for anyone to use in layouts or icons. I would not post the images somewhere else, though. Alexandra worked hard acquiring all of the media for this shrine, and they should remain here out of respect to her.