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Final Fantasy VI doesn't have a huge following online, but the sites dedicated to the game and its characters are amazing tributes definitely worth your time. If you run a Final Fantasy VI site that you'd like me to link, send it my way via e-mail.

Aria (Celes Chere) Caves of Narshe (General Site) FF Online (General Site) Last Ray of Hope (Terra Branford) Light of Judgment (Kefka) Perfect Disguise (Shadow) Renaissance (Locke Cole) Stalwart (Cyan Garamonde) Trust Your Heart (Terra Branford) Undercover Blond (Edgar Figaro)

Also be sure to check out the Final Fantasy VI and Sabin fanlistings, and join if you're a fan! Let's help show the world how awesome Sabin and this game really are.

The Final Fantasy VI Fanlisting The Sabin Figaro Fanlisting

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