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Fan Art

I can't draw, but I love looking at other people's art. Fan sections are always my favorite part on any site, and I couldn't leave this one hanging. Here are some amazing pieces of Sabin-related art for you to browse through, posted with permission from each artist. Hover over each image for a description.

I'd love to host your Sabin-related art too. If you've written or drawn something that you wouldn't mind me posting, send it my way!

Sabin for Todd
By Aeryvae (DA)
Sabin (I love how soft and laid back he looks. I've never seen him this way.)
By Delany
Sabin and Celes' Reunion (Beautiful.)
By Kat
A unique interpretation of Sabin from the beginning of the game, and his 17 year old self.
By Kat
Sabin and Cyan
By Marine (DA)
Macho Sabin
By Marine (DA)
Sabin fighting
By Nemi
The Returners (Brotherly Love)
By Samantha (DA)
Kingdom Hearts Sabin and Ultros
By Sinkato