The Saw is Family


A fanlisting is a site that collects a list of fans from all over the world for a particular subject. The Saw is Family is the approved fanlisting for Jed 'Leatherface' Sawyer, listed under The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series in the Characters: Book/Movie category at The Fanlistings Network. This site aims to list all of the fans of Leatherface.

Requirements for Joining

1. You must be a fan of Leatherface.

2. You must provide your name, a working e-mail address, and your country of residence.

3. You do not have to have a website to join, but if you do and would like it listed, please pick up a code after you join. A text link is also fine.


If you are joining with a website, please link back to this listing with a text link or with one of the images below. Either is fine, but if you use an image, please save it and upload it to your own server! Direct links to

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