The Knight's Tale

We humans tend to allow the past to destroy our lives. I implore you not to let this happen. It is time to look forward, to rediscover love, and embrace the beauty of life. You have so much life left to live. - Cyan's letter to Lola

Here is Cyan's life, based on the scenes depicted in the game. Not much is known about his early years, but they began in Doma.

Kingdom of Doma: Cyan Garamonde was born and raised in Doma, and set out to become a warrior in the castle's ranks, as per family tradition. Through perseverance he achieved this goal, and protected a king younger than himself. Yet he always set time apart for his family, devoted wife Elayne and young son Owain. He taught his son to fight and fish in the river, hoping to impart his legacy.

Yet the call to duty comes as the kingdom - long neutral as the power of the Gestahlian Empire spread - begins collaborating with the Returners, a rebel group. Once Emperor Gestahl receives word of this, he orders the esteemed General Leo and his troops to storm the castle. The mighty Cyan appears, challenging their commander one-on-one. Cyan is victorious, yet the safety of Doma is not secured.

As the Emperor Gestahl summons General Leo, the maniacal General Kefka is no longer under Leo's watch. Tired of failed military attacks, Kefka plots to destroy the seiged Doma with a simple yet diabolical plot. Cyan is quick to notice his men behaving oddly. One by one, they begin to fall. Poison! He and a single sentry race to the king. With his last breath his highness thanks Cyan for the years of loyal service, and tells him to run to his family.

It's too late: Elayne and Owain lay dead. Cyan curses the Empire and vows revenge. He bursts into the Imperial military camp and attacks every soldier in sight. It's here he meets Sabin, who, after joining Cyan in several fights, convinces him that his efforts are doomed. He asks Cyan to return with him to Narshe. They then escape on MagiTek armor (to Cyan's distress, as he fears machines) and travel to the forest in the south.

Phantasms: The path through the Phantom Forest provides the fastest route to Narshe. The mighty Cyan and Sabin are not afraid to face the undead, but when they come across an abandoned train, things become creepier still. Cyan realizes that this is the train that carries the dead to the "other side," and catches a glimpse of two familiar passengers. Yet the spirits of Elayne and Owain assure him that he did all he could to save them, and they will always be with him. Still, he feels turmoil inside.

An encounter near Mobliz village leaves them with a new companion, the wild child Gau, and Cyan confounds both of his new friends with anarchic speech. In Narshe, he meets the Returners at last, including Terra and Celes, both former Imperial generals. Since Cyan harbors such fierce resentment towards the Empire, he is hesitant to trust them. Yet he remains with the Returners in hope of avenging his kingdom, eventually fighting the battle that would leave the world in ruin.

Love Renewed: A year has passed since that fateful day when Kefka threw the forces of magic out of alignment, shifting entire continents. The Returners have been scattered across the land. Yet Cyan has found a renewed sense of love and hope through Lola. This young woman in Maranda believes her lover to have perished in the destruction of Mobliz. From a cave in Mt. Zozo, Cyan begins to send her letters in his name, and creating beautiful silk flowers to include with the delivery. The two lonely souls find inspiration through their correspondence. Eventually, Cyan tells her the truth in writing and apologizes, encouraging her to look to the future. When the two meet in person later on, it's clear Lola knew the letters weren't from her old love, but appreciated the sentiment still.

During his time on the mountain, Cyan also acquires a technical manual, and in gaining an understanding of machines, he overcomes his fear. He sets forth with the party, preparing to take on Kefka with newfound purpose and vigor.

Poisoned Soul: Doubt and confusion still linger in Cyan's soul, despite comfort he has found. A voyage to Doma castle in preparation for the final battle reveals that this is no fault of his own, but the work of supernatural forces. While taking a rest within the castle, the party slips into a peculiar dream. Cyan is missing, and they appear inside a world of places and objects associated with the warrior. Eventually they are sent into Doma castle, where Elayne and Owain wait. Elayne reveals that this is Cyan's soul.

An evil being called Wrexsoul is actually feeding on and contributing to Cyan's burning anger and guilt. Only when this enemy is defeated can he find peace. Victory comes, though it's a struggle. With the death of Wrexsoul, Cyan's internal strife ends. His sword skill reaches its peak, and he is ready to take on the world, and Kefka. Yet this battle will not be fought with blind hatred, but with clear resolve, to ensure a future for the world.