Defender of Doma

Each character in FFVI has a profile that includes the categories below. What can seem like insignificant information - blood types and birthdays - actually reveals key personality traits. Many Japanese players would be familiar with the meanings, but Western players less so.

Name: Cyan Garamonde
Japanese Name: Cayenne
Age: 50
Height: 5'10" / 178cm
Weight: 158 lbs / 72kg
Blood Type: A
Born: January 3
Hobby: Collecting antique weapons
Likes: Tradition, faithfulness
Dislikes: Machinery
Treasures: Pocket watch with family photo

What does this offical profile tell us? No deep secrets can be garnered from his name. "Cyan" is a shade of greenish blue, from the Greek kyanos (dark blue), used in photography and print media as a primary color. (CMYK) His Japanese name, Cayenne, is a kind of pepper used in cooking and also in herbal medicine to improve the digestive and circulatory systems. Garamond (no "e") is a typeface based on the work of 16th century French designer Claude Garamond, who operated the first type foundry. Interesting stuff, but relating only to our hero in that his he wears blue, is in good shape, and hails from a past era.

His Zodiac sign was more clearly chosen with great care. Cyan is a Capricorn. Immediately we can picture him, with a snicker, as a fierce old goat. But his personality matches the profile perfectly. Capricorns are serious and solid. They put work and family above themselves, and are known to be hardworking, practical, cautious, and preserving. Emotions are kept under guard but can manifest as melancholy and mood swings. Cyan's alternation between secluded moments of sadness and bursts of energy is evidence of this.

If these traits weren't fitting enough, Capricorns are also said to marry for life (and death, in Cyan's case!) and stay devoted to close friends. New or casual relationships can be a strain. We see Cyan doesn't interact much with the party, keeping to himself. They also sometimes dislike the opposite sex, which may explain Cyan's resentment of Terra and Celes. Possible careers are managers and bureaucrats. "Noble knight" is not listed, though perhaps its the medieval equivalent to aggressive corporate types.

Blood types are as significant as sun signs in Japan. Cyan's is well suited. An A type indicates a stubborn attitude, a perfectionist nature, and a love of custom and tradition. While outwardly calm they can be inwardly anxious, and also learn and retain talents later in life. (Sword techniques included!) Stubbornness and inability to relate to and get along with others are notable weaknesses.

With knowledge of Cyan's personality, his actions and reactions in the game make much more sense, as we will find as we delve into his story and see how he develops.