Getting Personal

It's clearthat I, Karen (your humble webmaster) like this Cyan guy... but what about the rest of the game and series? To satisfy your curiosity, I've devised this list of favorites. All text on this page is of course "in my humble opinion," but this makes it fun, hopefully. Cyan is exempt to create a sense of challenge. (Otherwise I might pick him in every eligible way.)

Favorite Male Character: Tie here between Edgar Roni Figaro and Setzer Gabbiani, mainly on account of their professions. (And long, flowing hair might be a factor too.) I can picture the young King of Figaro in his bedroom tinkering with crazy inventions more often than entertaining the ladies there. (If his incessant flirting ever reaches that stage - doesn't seem to.) He must be withdrawn and focused as much as a vivacious Man of the People. The double life is always appealing. As for Setzer, he has an airship! As a zeppelin enthusiast, I can't help but find him endearing. Though his back story is awfully similar to Locke's, and less affecting, its a good excuse to travel the world and maintain a nothing-to-lose attitude. And both are rediculously foppish, which cinches it.

Favorite Female Character: Terra Branford. "Strong female characters" are seen as difficult to create, since they must be formidable but find strength in their unique traits. Terra has compassion, clear perception, a reasonable fear of her considerable power, and the courage to master it. It's fitting that these are traits slightly different from the other FF stars, who so far have been guys. I'll admit there isn't much choice in this category, but I find Celes too over-the-top. Yet she's well drawn and I see why she has legions of fans.

Least Favorite Character: Um, Umaro? I would expect the berserker to be treated with more respect (as in FFV, where its a Job option) than he's given in being a yeti. He has no story or personality and isn't too good in a fight. At least Gogo has some mystery.

Favorite Boss: Ultros. C'mon, at one time he had four shrines and support groups, more than most of the playable characters. Must be doing something right. Such as throwing out hilarious dialogue and surprisingly tough attacks. And of course, he's bloody persistent.

Favorite Relationship: Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro. This brotherly bond is better developed than any romance within the game. Its facinating how they can be different but share the same sense of guilt and longing for freedom. They also win "best back story" for the coin toss, so simple but powerful and life-changing. There are no "he ain't heavy, he's my brother" moments - both are able to carry themselves, but still show love and trust.

Favorite Pairing: Setzer/ Daryl. It's easy to think of Daryl as the male Setzer, but these two really seem into one another - and there's still enough difference to keep the relationship interesting. She literally follows him to the ends of the Earth, and her death is a true tragedy. I think there's also sequel potential here: can Setzer move on and find new love, or will his old flame miraculously reemerge? Only fanfic will tell.

Favorite Song: The Wild West, heard on the Veldt. Despite the title, it sounds quite Middle Eastern, with pipes and drums. The FFVI soundtrack is so good I don't mind listening to the themes over and over.

Favorite Town: Narshe. A lot of design clearly went into this place, with the roof tiles, gears, and smoke, and it stays in the memory. Or I might have an affinity for mining towns and northern climates. Even so, Narshe sets the tone of FFVI in a just few scenes.

Second-Favorite FF Game: This has changed over time as I've played more of titles, so at present I have to go with Final Fantasy VIII. The characters aren't immediately loveable, and the story is winding and dense, but both are deep and rewarding. Plus I'm a big fan of time travel.

Favorite Summon: Shiva. The Destroyer! Well actually, she's not much like her Hindu counterpart, but always rendered as a beautiful ice goddess. Her animations are among the more pleasant to sit through in the later games.