Royal Symphony

For FFVI, Nobuo Uematsu wrote brilliant themes for every character and scene. Below are four pieces related to Cyan, in different versions: all as the original Super Nintendo (SNES) music, two Piano Collections tracks, one orchestral arrangement, and... a dance mix!

You can listen to all pieces in your browser using the jukebox (opens as new tab):

Cyan's Theme, heard in Doma Castle
Hear as SNES, Ochestra and Dance Versions

Each character in FFVI has a leitmotif. Cyan's balances a steady military beat with a wistful flute melody, to create a piece that reflects both his discipline and emotionalism.

The Unforgiven, heard at the Imperial Base
Hear as SNES Version

This urgent track plays as Cyan takes revenge on the Imperial soldiers. Not especially tuneful, but cinematic with the simulated strings and and quick trills.

Mystic Forest, heard at the Mystic Forest
Hear as SNES and Piano Versions

Lush and gentle, this is less spooky than one would expect, but emphasizes the sadness and uncertainty Cyan must feel, and contrasts with the earlier battle scenes.

Ghost Train, heard on the Ghost Train
Hear as SNES and Piano Versions

Something of a period piece, beginning with a celeste before horns and strings enter. This must have been what the off-key 1940s jazz band played on the train in its glory days, before it became, well, haunted. Delightfully quirky.