On This Journey

Final Fantasy VI has a relatively small but dedicated following. The shrines below pay tribute to the game's endearing characters.

AriaLight of JudgementRenaissanceShattered Memories
Perfect DisguiseUndercover BlondTrust Your HeartSomewhere Only We Know

Fanlistings are also available for many of the characters, as well as other aspects of FFVI. Visit, join, and start connecting with other fans. (More info at TFL)

FLs: FFVI, Celes Chere, Cyan Garamonde, Edgar Figaro, Kefka Palazzo, Mog, Relm Arrowny, Sabin Figaro, Setzer Gabbiani, Terra Branford, Celes & Locke, Music, Terra's Theme

Other FFVI resources: Caves of Narshe, FFVI Online, FF Wiki, Ultimate Site

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