Annals of History

Shining ArmourSteadfast Strong & True

Stalwart has appeared in several incarnations, but remains a stubbornly persistent website. Here we glance at the past, and what had led up to this latest return.

I was admittedly a latecomer to Final Fantasy VI, picking it up in high school. (Rather than as a kid with a Super Nintendo.) My first time playing was through a ROM, but I became sufficiently dedicated to invest in a PlayStation One and Final Fantasy Anthology.

I had read about some of the other characters prior to playing the game, and expected to dig Terra, Celes, Locke, and so on. No one online had mentioned Cyan Garamonde! But as soon as he burst out of Doma Castle, I said, " Woah, who's this guy?" and he just kept getting more awesome from there.

A Cyan shrine was a natural development. Shining Armor appeared in 2001. Originally, it had seven pages aside from the index, and featured a wonky piece of original fan art. The second version was a stylistic improvement (as can be seen in the first screenshot above.)

The shrine was then dormant for a couple of years. In summer 2004, I replayed FFVI, and decided to substantially expand the articles for Cyan, going into greater depth. Called Steadfast Strong & True, the new site had a lighter look. (See second screenshot.) These pages remained online until 2006, when I let my fan domain expire.

I purchased a new fan domain in 2009 (embracing fan sites as a perennial element of life), and Cyan returns yet again - this time as Stalwart. I added information from the 2007 Game Boy Advance release, as well as cleaning up the writing and expanding the media selections.

Stalwart's design in 2009 and most of 2010 featured Amano's artwork and a stone surface in blue, orange, and grey. (See third screenshot.) In 2010 the layout featured another piece of fanart layered on top of a scenic photo (seen in the fourth screenshot).

In January 2012, Stalwart was honoured to be named Site of the Month by the Amassment community, and receive a thoughtful review. The community's input and support through the years has been greatly appreciated.

Generally, the site remained fairly dormant until summer 2015, when the layout got another refresh: a nod to the sketches and textures in the 2009 look. More information was added to acknowledge the 2014 FFVI mobile game release. Stalwart has also joined other FFVI "rescue sites" hosted by Todd, where I hope these pages continue to bring a wider appreciation of Cyan and FFVI to the Final Fantasy fandom and the web for a long while to come.