Devoted Legions

Fan Art: Here we select some favorites from the images available at DeviantArt. These links will take you to individual DevArt pages. You can leave feedback for the artists there.

Cyan Revisited by Nether83
Modeled Figurine by Beelzebubba666
King of Doma by *neen
Stained Glass Window by Nether83
In Black and White by ZeroA

Fan Fiction: These two pieces are hosted at the Caves of Narshe, an excellent FF resource.

Madness... And a Beetle by Djibriel - Cyan considers the fragility of life as represented by a small creature, and steels himself against emotion.

Cyan: The Tortured Light by Narratorway - Part of The Lights series, which explores what happens to the characters after the game. Cyan tries to rebuild Doma and his life.