Heat of Battle

Cyan is one of the game's strongest characters for physical attacks. He can execute a variety of sword techniques, called SwordTechs as his special move (SwordTeches become Bushido in the Game Boy Advance and mobile versions of FFVI, with the individual attacks renamed - see the chart below for the old and new names).

SwordTechs: The more complex the attack, the longer it takes Cyan to prepare, and so you must wait for the ATB meter to fill up. When other characters are performing magic or special attacks, this provides a good opportunity for a complex SwordTech. Cyan will learn these over time, but the Doma Castle sidequest in the World of Ruin unlocks all eight.

Name Effect Info
Dispatch / Fang Cyan lunges toward one enemy, slashing them with his sword. Learned at Level 1, battle power 120, can't block.
Retort / Sky Cyan responds to an attack with magic damage. Learned at Level 6, spell power 56, can't block.
Slash / Tiger Cuts the enemy's HP in half, adding to his own HP. Learned at Level 12, some enemies immune.
QuadraSlam / Flurry Deals 4 physical attacks against random opponents. Learned at Level 15, battle power 72 for each hit.
Empowerer / Dragon Cyan drains HP and MP from an enemy and absorbs it. Learned at Level 24, backfires on zombies.
Stunner / Eclipse Deals magic damage and casts stop on all enemies. Learned at Level 34, spell power 97, freezes might not work.
QuadraSlice / Tempest Same effect as QuadraSlam, but twice as powerful. Learned at Level 44, battle power 70 for each hit.
Cleave / Oblivion All enemies hit with instant death. (yikes!) Learned at Level 70, some enemies immune.

Equipment: The better the sword in Cyan's possession, the more powerful his attacks. He can equip a variety of swords as well as heavy and light armor. Obtain the Aura blade by completing the Doma Castle sidequest in the World of Ruin. Relics that enhance physical attacks, such as Black Belt or Genji Glove, are very effective on Cyan, but magic-oriented relics do help his spell-casting abilities.

Desperation: Cyan's Desperation Attack (like a Limit Break in later FF titles) can be used when his Health Points are extremely low. His Back Blade - called Tsubame Gaeshi in the GBA and mobile versions - turns the screen black as he unleashes consecutive sword attacks.

Magic: Magic is not Cyan's forte, but since he unlikely to cast many offensive spells in a fight, he is useful for performing healing spells on and off the battle field. Learn these spells best from the espers Starlet and Pheonix.

Overall, you can't go wrong with Cyan in your party, as he has no glaring weaknesses, is physically formidable, and his SwordTechs are useful abilities.