Dear Friends

Stalwart has four affiliates. We're open to accepting more, preferably high-quality, related FF sites. If this sounds appealing, send an email with your URL. Thanks!

Kefka - Light of JudgementShadow - Perfect Disguise
Locke - RenaissanceSabin - Wandering Spirit

Light of Judgement is Larissa's fantastic shrine and fanlisting for Kefka Palazzo, FFVI's flamboyant villain. Exploring the depths of Kefka's mind (brave girl!), his dreams and past deeds, these pages will have you dancing mad in no time - and in good company.

Perfect Disguise is Alexandra's dedication to Shadow, now maintained by Todd. There's a wealth of facts and theories about the character, unraveling his dark mysteries. Many images too. A triumphant return for a classic shrine.

Renaissance is Alex's affectionate tribute to FFVI's dashing young Locke Cole. She has thoughtful comparisons between our treasure hunter and John Locke, as well as Lancelot. Though not updated in some time, Renaissance simply must be included.

Somewhere Only We Know is Todd's dedication to Sabin Figaro, FFVI's lighthearted martial artist. Rather than being a buff no-brainer, Sabin is really a deep individual, as you'll discover here. Includes many articles, scans, fan art, music, and tropes.