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Welcome to, The Darkstrike Network, the collective, domain, and what I like to call the home on the web of Todd. It serves as my outlet to the world and features fansites to things like my favorite actress, my favorite video game characters, and a character from a manga not many others have read. While I see my network as a place I can freely vent and rant about things I can't stop thinking about, my hope is that by the time you're done surfing through my sites, you'll know more about some of my favorite characters and series, and maybe want to get into one or more of them yourself.

You're currently viewing the network's sixteenth layout, featuring a Sega Genesis controller. My fanlistings collective, Shimmer, features a matching layout with an NES controller. Back in the early 90s, these two systems consumed my life. More information on the layout can be found on the Domain page.

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Updates for all of my sites are called out on Twitter. Follow @nightallaround to keep up with Nightbringer!

October 29, 2015 - I moved as soon as we debuted this and was without internet access for a while, so I'm just now getting to adding it, but Samantha and I opened a shrine recommendations blog called The Amazing! Check out the two awesome amazing sites we have featured so far.

October 15, 2015 - Forget Me Not has returned! It has been fully revamped with four new articles and some rewritten ones. It now covers aspects of Kara from the entire series.

April 20, 2015 - I reorganized the Sites pages here and at Shimmer. All sites have new icons, and sites are divided by subject over several pages for easier browsing.

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