Fan Site Recommendation

I love fan sites. Even today, with Wikis, social media sites, and news blogs, I spend a good chunk of my online time surfing fan sites — tributes to various characters and series. For me, they offer more than Wikis ever could: a personal fan experience, connection with other fans, different viewpoints in analysis, and passion for a subject. I’ve met some of my best online friends through fan sites, I’ve gotten into some of my favorite series after visiting fan sites, and after reading sites, I’ve learned new things about subjects I’ve already experienced, walking away with a new found appreciation. Fan sites are not as prevalent as they were in the early 2000s when fan sites were all the rage, but there are people who still create them, and some amazing ones can be found.

In a new series here at Nightbringer, I want to recommend some of my favorite sites. At least once a month I’ll post an entry like this calling out a site I have been visiting a lot. I also have a growing Shrine Recs page you guys should check out for more great sites. My picks will sometimes come from the sites I have listed there, but not always. I’m constantly adding sites to that list.

My first recommendation is dedicated to Fire Emblem. I know no one is surprised. I’m obsessed with that game right now; you guys just have to bear with me.

AnathemaTara made a few sites a couple years ago that are sadly no longer online. She recently got back into the fan site hobby, and has been rebuilding her collective on her new domain, Dedicated to video games like Persona and Pokemon, all of her new sites have been real treats. My favorite site of hers is definitely Anathema, her shrine dedicated to the dark, but strangely colorful Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening. I was ecstatic when it launched, and have visited it way too many times. Just yesterday, I visited when I was level-grinding in Awakening and it came time to reclass Tharja. I wanted to read what skills Tara went after. Her Strategy page gave some very helpful advice. That’s the cool thing about fan sites. They offer that unique, personalized experience. I would never have found tips for reclassing Tharja on a Wiki.

All of Tara’s in-game information is super helpful and appreciated. Too many sites dedicated to video game characters forgo this type of information. Game-play is a huge element when discussing video game characters, and I love when I come across in-game pages on video game fan sites. Not only are they interesting, but as evidenced, I actually use them. Anathema offers so much more, though. Tara has included information on region differences concerning Tharja; I had no idea her character was censored! I definitely didn’t see Tharja as the sex-object the game developers intended her to be. The Supports page was another great read; it showcased Tharja’s personality and weird quirks through her interaction with others.

Anathema is a cute little site. It’s not very large, but Fire Emblem sites, particularly sites dedicated to optional minor characters like Tharja, don’t need to be. Although personalized, every page has a purpose, and the site is actually very informative.  I am on my third playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Anathema has taught me things I didn’t notice or know. Anathema has been super inspiring, and is one of the reasons I’m working on my Henry site right now. I hope it’s around for a long time.

My sword hand howls!

The darkness is upon us! My sword hand howls!

New layout!

I’ve been playing a ton of Fire Emblem: Awakening lately. I’m a little bit obsessed. This is actually my third time through the game. This time I’m being very particular, reclassing characters to get specific skills I want, building up supports, and strategically marrying characters to create the perfect builds for their children. I’ve made tables for this stuff on my computer. Fire Emblem has become very serious business.

My favorite characters are Henry and Panne, both of whom I am working on sites to (I tried, but couldn’t choose just one of them!), but Owain holds a special place in my heart. He is hilarious. While I would love to make a site to him– and who knows, maybe eventually I will–, this layout will have to do for now. Owain is a great character to follow Tidus as the face of Nightbringer. I want to play with the menu a little more, but I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I redid the Collective Links, and that took over an hour alone. I currently hate myself. If I missed you, and you want to be linked, just let me know! I’m definitely down for link exchanges.

Okay, it’s past my bed time. Good night, guys. :)

I’m Alive

It has been a little over a month since my last update. I apologize, guys. I’m not giving up blogging or anything. Updates will come often sometimes, and will likely be slow at other times. It’s not that I don’t want to write. It’s just that life has been moving at a pretty slow pace with not much happening. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Comfort is heaven. I just don’t want to bore you guys with the mundane.

My new job is still great. I’m on week 6 now, and I still love it. I would like to be a little faster at what I have to do each day, but I realize speed will come with time. It has been a little frustrating seeing my co-worker come back to help me with my store when he finishes his own some days. I know it’s because I’m new, but knowing eventually he will just count on me to do my store alone after we do our first stop together, I feel bad he has to do extra work because of me. I’m just a perfectionist, and I want to be awesome at what I do. I know I will be.

My boss is awesome. He has swung by my store or called me each week to check on how I’m doing. He said he likes to speak to each of his employees at least once a week to touch base, make goals, work on opportunities, etc. I didn’t get the development I was craving in my last two jobs, so this is pretty amazing. I’ve communicated with him that I want my speed to be better, and he has assured me that it will come with time.

I got my car fixed. It was a pretty easy, but semi-expensive fix. It was around $500 to fix. I had to replace a tire on it this week, though, which cost another $100. My car is expensive.

Animal Crossing Outside of work I have been relaxing and doing things I love. My friend Jane and I watch So You Think You Can Dance together each year, and since it’s on, she’s been coming over every Wednesday. That’s been fun. I’ve been playing a lot of games. I’m really into Animal Crossing now. My character is to the left.

Everything is naturally Final Fantasy X-themed. My villagers are calling one another fiends, and saying things like, “I got too close to Sin,” and “Praise be to Yevon.” I amuse myself.

Online, I haven’t really worked on my fan sites much, but I am still passionate about them, will continue working on them, and will make more. Fan sites are a way for me to rant and vent about things I love, and connect with other fans. They’re a great creative outlet I’ve enjoyed for years. I’ve recently gotten into fanlistings and got some surprising, but exciting approvals: Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Wolverine from X-Men, the movie Jaws, and Ghostface from Scream to name a few of my favorites. Here are the fanlistings I’ve made so far:

Tidus Edward Knuckles Wolverine Jaws Ghostface Casey Becker Leatherface Courteney Cox

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. Some are and more will become fan sites, and some of them I’m content being fanlistings. I’m not sure if I should make a section for them here at Nightbringer, or make a separate fanlistings collective. For now, I just kind of have them linked on my Fanlistings Joined page.

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th!