Welcome Home, Helo

Dinner time!My ex, Shane, is moving to California tomorrow morning. I have Helo permanently now.  I went to Target and bought Helo a blue bowl that matches Huck’s red one. I also bought Helo some new toys for his first day officially here, so he has some things that are his. He’s always played with Huckleberry’s toys, and I’m sure Huck will play with Helo’s toys, but I want him to have some new, fresh things. Huck has several collars (He’s wearing a green one in the picture), but his main collar is red. Helo’s collar is blue. Huck’s leash is red as well, and Helo’s is blue. I think it’s kind of cute to have all of Helo’s stuff be blue, and Huck’s be red. I bought Huck a red and white rope to match Helo’s blue and white one, so he would have a new toy today too.

Aside from his new things, I don’t think Helo realizes anything is different yet. He used to come to my house for days at a time just to visit. He probably thinks he’s just visiting again. I took the dogs to the park today to run. I noticed I’m pretty out of shape, and I want to get healthy again. Since it was my first day running this year, having both dogs wasn’t a problem. Later on, when I run for extended periods, I’m going to have to do something with Huck because he can’t keep up. His legs are just too little. I think I might take Huck every other time. When Lee is off, he will definitely take Huck and run a little behind Helo and me. Having a running dog is one of the reasons I’m really excited to have Helo.

shoesLee and I bought some tennis shoes the other day so we can be active this summer. We want to do things with the dogs, play tennis, run, and work out. I love that Lee wants to be active with me. And no, I’m not talking about sex, but there are no complaints in that department either. I’m pretty in love. Anyway, my new shoes are red! They’re super comfortable, too.

I recently got into Fanlistings. I know I’m jumping on a 10-year-old bandwagon, but I can’t help myself. Requiem and Scary Movie are now the fanlistings for Edward from Final Fantasy IV and Casey Becker from Scream respectively. I also created this thing to display joined fanlistings. Depending on how many fanlistings I decide to open, I may make it a fanlistings collective, but for now the two fanlistings I run are also shrines I have listed on the Sites page. Having a separate collective isn’t necessary yet.

I haven’t played Final Fantasy X in about a week. I haven’t beaten it yet. I received the air ship and was just completing side quests before beating the game. I decided to take a break, though. My real life was getting busy (with job opportunities! I’ll discuss more when I know more), but more than that, I have just wanted to do other things. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Lee. We’ve been watching movies. I’ve also been playing a little bit of Skylanders: Swap Force. Target had a sale, and I bought the last three Swap Skylanders I was missing. The game is a lot of fun, but it’s expensive. It’s like a mix between Super Mario Bros and Pokemon.

Life is good.

Job Prospects and Helo

I don’t want to write too much about the job I applied for last week and interviewed for today, because I don’t want to jinx it, but new job prospects are looking good. :D

I’m working on not stressing out about the job hunt. I have a job, so I’m at least not hurting financially. I can be very low key about applying and interviewing places, because if I don’t get a new job, I’m not going to starve. Realizing this has taken away some of my nerves, as well, which is awesome, because I get incredibly nervous during interviews. I have a second interview coming up. I got this.

PuppiesI’ve been watching Helo for the last few days as a sort of test run. My ex, Shane, is moving to California very soon, and can’t take Helo where he’s going. Lee and I are talking about taking him. Nothing’s decided yet, and it’s going to be a hard sale for Lee, but I have my fingers crossed. Part of the issue is Shane is talking about wanting Helo back eventually, and that could be three months from now, six, or twelve. By then, Helo would be settled with us, we would have spent a lot of money on his care (food, vet, pet rent, and whatnot), and it would hurt all of us to separate. I need to think this through a little more carefully. Now, if the question was would we adopt Helo, I would say absolutely. I love that dog. Huck is super attached to him as well.

I bought Huck the pet bed in the picture a few weeks back, and my friends made fun of me for getting a bed so big for such a little dog. This is why I got the bigger bed. Huck and Helo are inseparable.

I drink your milkshake!

I drink your milkshake!I love my boyfriend.

We’ve been watching a lot of movies. Check out my lists page for a list of the movies we’ve watched so far. I want to write about my top five here.

There Will Be Blood was the most recent movie we watched. I didn’t expect to like it, but I really did. From its intro, I expected it to be a silent film. I’m so glad it wasn’t. Daniel Day Lewis is a ridiculously amazing actor, and he deserved the Academy Award he won for this film. I loved his character, Daniel Plainview, and the character Eli Sunday played by Paul Dano. There acting was over the top at times — the milkshake scene and Sunday’s church sermons come to mind — but that was part of what made the movie great. I couldn’t decide if it was a period piece, a comedy, or a more darker, twisted movie, but I was fine with it being all of the above. A++.

GravityI wrote about Gravity in another entry, but I can’t not list it here. It was critically acclaimed and was an Academy favorite this year. It deserved all the praise it got. The directing, the music, the filming, the effects, and the acting were all top notch. I’m still disappointed Sandra Bullock didn’t win the Academy Award she was nominated for with this film. Gravity was The Sandra Bullock Show. I generally dislike movies where a character is taken out of society and left alone somewhere. Castaway and Open Water comes to mind as examples.  Sandra Bullock held my attention in Gravity, though, and I didn’t even care that she was the only one on screen throughout most of the film; her acting was ridiculously good.

My third favorite movie I’ve watched with Lee is in a different lane than the two above. It was utterly ridiculous in principle and execution, but We’re the Millers was funny. Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry is really good. Emma Roberts and Will Poulter were hilarious, too. I watched the TLC Waterfalls scene at least twenty times after I watched We’re the Millers, and it puts a smile on my face every time. I also really like Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn’s roles. The only thing I didn’t really like in the movie was Ed Helms’ role, but I don’t really care for Helms in general.

I didn’t think I’d like The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m a huge fan of the original Spider-Man movies, and I was disappointed when I heard the series was starting over. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot I loved. Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben was perfect. I love Sally Field, and I’m a big fan of The West Wing, so I was excited when I saw them on screen. I really liked Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. This film approached Peter Parker at a different angle. I feel like the film focused on Peter’s genius rather than his mutation, and that was really cool. He built his web slinger instead of developing the ability, for example. I also really liked Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s chemistry. I have mixed views about Gwen Stacy being Peter’s love interest instead of Mary Jane Watson, but it was interesting. Gwen Stacy was actually Peter’s first love interest; Mary Jane is who he ends up with. I think that’s why I’m on the fence about Gwen being the love interest. I loved Peter and Gwen so much in this movie; it’s kind of sad knowing they’re not going to end up together.

Pitch Perfect was acca-fantastic. I never really noticed Anna Kendrick until this movie, but she’s amazing. I liked the music and the wit in the film. Fat Amy really cracked me up, too. There’s not a lot more to say about Pitch Perfect, because it was a very light film, but for what it was, it was very good.